Celebrating 65 Years

11 Tips on Buying an Investment Property

What Buyers Should Look for When Buying Their First Home

To Re-Fi or Not Re-Fi, That is The Question

How to Be More Competitive in a Seller's Market

Do You See a Home ReModel In Your Future?

Is It Better to Rent or Buy a Home?

Using Your Tax Refund to Buy a Home

Budgeting for Homeownership

Smart Ways to Save (For a Down Payment)

Building Wealth Through Homeownership

How to Manage Your Student Loans with Federal Loan Relief Programs

How to Prep Your Home for Winter

DIY Thanksgiving Décor

Top 4 house plans for empty nesters

Application Process

Will a low credit score stop me from being qualified?

7 Reasons to Love Being an Empty Nester

Is a QM or Non-QM Mortgage the Best Option For Me?

The Ultimate Document Checklist

Easy Fall Decorating Tips

Should Seniors Refinance their Mortgages?

A Homegrown Company with Hometown Service

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Before You Retire?

10 Must-Haves in Your First Home

Back to School: Home Organization Tips

Are Student Loans Hurting Your Chances of Owning a Home?

Eustis Mortgage and American Mortgage Service Announce Intentions to Join Together: Two Great Companies, One Bright Future

Benefits of Incorporating Plants in Your Home

Staging Your Home to Sell

Big News! Freddie Mac is Now Offering Renovation Loans

10 Ways to Improve Your Home This Summer

10 Hidden Costs of Homeownership

5 Mistakes People Make When Buying Their First Home

Conventional Loans vs. Government Issued Loans: What’s the Difference?

Which Loan is the Right Loan for You?

7 Easy Steps to Purchasing Your First Home

HomePossible and HomeReady: Making Homeownership Affordable

What Exactly Is a Conventional Loan?

VA Loan Benefits for Surviving Spouses

VA Loans More Popular Than Ever

VA Home Loan Requirements 2019

A Complete Guide to VA Loans

5 Tips for Leasing Properties

Is it Time to Refinance Your Home?

A Complete Guide to Renovation Loans

Cash-Out Refinance to Help Pay Taxes

2019 Renovation Trends That Will Help Sell Your Home Quick

Is it Time to Seek Other Job Opportunities?

A Financial Checklist for Homebuyers

4 Ways to Use the Equity in Your Home

2018 Holiday Decor

Military Home Savings

Single Women Lead the Way in Real Estate Investments

Winter is Coming

Out Of State Investing

Design Tips for Kids' Rooms

Staying Organized at Home This School Year

5 Guidelines for New Homeowners

Advantages of Becoming a Homeowner

The Millennial Homebuyer

Home Features Buyers Will Pay Extra For

New Home Check List

How To Help Your Child Buy Their First Home

Thinking Of Moving? Do It During Summer!

Purchasing a Home With Your Animal Companions In Mind

Avoid Wire Fraud During Closing

Home Buying Do's and Don'ts

Why Should You Own A Home Now?

Take Advantage of VA Loan's Major Benefits

What Does The Future Have In Store For Eustis?

In A Bidding War For Your Future Home?

The Future Of Homes Starts Now

Going Green At Home

Millennials Take Over The Housing Market

Home Buyer Trends

Cheers To Another 60 Years!

Plan For Retirement Now!

Invest In Real Estate While You're Young

The Basics of a VA Home Loan

Homeowner Special Tax Breaks

How the New Tax Reform Affects Deductions for Homeowners and Home Sellers

Tips for Spring Home Buying

Why You Should Get Pre-Approved for a Home Loan

Saving for a Down Payment as a Single or Couple

How Your Loan Status Can Change Before Closing

Mortgage Tips for Today’s Rising Rates

How to Reduce the Cost of Homeowners Insurance

Industry Experts Remain Optimistic about This Year’s Housing Market

When is Refinancing Your Mortgage a Good Idea?

How Any Government Shutdown Would Affect Your Mortgage Process

Difference Between Prepaids and Closing Costs

How Veterans Can Protect Themselves from Predatory Lenders

How Advertised Mortgage Rates Mislead the Average Homebuyer

Millennial Tracker Shows Decrease in Average Credit Scores

Homeownership Still Means Financial Security to Most Homebuyers

What Different Homebuyers Look for in a Home

Housing Market Strengthens and May Continue to Grow Throughout 2018

2018 Housing Market Predictions

How to Increase Sales as a Renovation Realtor

Tips for Buying an Investment Property

Recent Survey Shows Many First-Time Buyers Have an Outdated Understanding of the Mortgage Process

What You Need to Know About Title Insurance

The Benefits of Investing in Foreclosed Real Estate

What are the Components of a Mortgage Payment?

Eustis Family of Companies Hires New CFO As Company Growth and Expansion Continues

Home Builder Confidence Reaches Highest Level Since March

Here’s How to Protect Your Credit Score This Holiday Season

Which Purchase and Renovation Loan is Right for You: FHA 203K or Fannie Mae HomeStyle?

Home Prices May Be Up, But So Is Housing Affordability

Why You Should Begin House Hunting This Fall

Who Helps You Through the Mortgage Process?

Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Disaster Preparedness

Lenders and Real Estate Agents Ranked Top Sources for Mortgage Information

Which Repairs Should You Negotiate After A Home Inspection?

What Happens if Your Home Appraisal Is Less Than Its Purchase Price?

Don’t Forget to Include These 4 Costs in Your Home Buying Budget

Homebuyer Confidence Rises as Housing Inventory Begins to Ease

What’s The Difference Between Mortgage Lenders and Mortgage Brokers?

What Home Price Can I Afford?

5 Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid in a Seller’s Market

What Happens to Your Mortgage After A Divorce?

Trying To Buy A Home In An Area Affected By Natural Disaster? Here's What You Need To Know

Mortgage Interest Tax Deductions Will Remain In Trump Administration's Tax Plans, But Could Be Reduced

What To Expect With The Housing Market This Season

Mortgage Applications Rise As Interest Rates Drop To Lowest Percentage In Nearly A Year

Introducing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's Appraisal Free Mortgage Programs

Trying To Lower Your Overall Mortgage Costs? Here Are 5 Ways To Do It

Deadline to Extend the National Flood Insurance Program Quickly Approaches

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Offer Forbearance for 90 Days

What To Do If Your Home Was Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Housing Features That Could Make Your Rental Property More Profitable

The Benefits to House Hunting in Late Summer

What Is Mortgage Underwriting? Here’s What You Need To Know

Why Are Conventional Home Loans Becoming So Popular with Millennial Homebuyers?

Fannie Mae Makes the Mortgage Process Easier for Self-Employed Borrowers

When Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

FHA 203k Loans: What You Need for a Home Purchase and Renovation

Home Prices Aren’t The Only Increasing Housing Costs—Rent Is Steadily Rising As Well

The Fed Rules To Delay Interest Rate Hikes—Possibly Until December

What’s the Difference Between Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved?

This Could Be The Biggest Year For Homebuilders Since 2007

What Are Today’s Most Common Mortgage Questions? Here’s What Google Has To Say

Homeowners Are Better Than Ever At Predicting Home Prices

Strong Employment Gains and Low Interest Rates Mean It’s A Good Time to Buy

Is a 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Right For You? Here’s How You Can Decide

What Effects Could The Fed’s “Quantitative Tightening” Have On The Mortgage Market?

Home Seller Confidence Rises—How Will This Affect The Market?

Eustis Mortgage Celebrates The 2016 President's Council

Eustis Mortgage Scores Top Marks by CityBusiness Readers

Economic Expansion Continues This Year

How To Refinance To The Best Rate Possible

Don’t Fall For These 3 Common Mortgage Mix-ups!

3 Useful Tips to Keep in Mind When Applying for a Mortgage

Fannie Mae Is Changing Its Debt-to-Income Ratio Requirements

Is Your Home Spending Too Much Time On The Market? Here’s How To Speed Up A Sale

U.S. Home Values Soar Nationwide

Here’s How To Prepare Your Home For Hurricane Season

Tips and Tricks For Homebuyers Looking In Today’s Tight Housing Market

The Best Home Improvements To Make During The Summer

In Which U.S. Cities Should You Buy Rather Than Rent? Here Are The Top 5

Should You Own Or Rent A Home When You Retire?

Tax Tips To Know Before Buying A Second Home

This Month’s Leading Markets Index Hits New Milestone

What Does It Mean If A House Sale Is Pending?

Today’s Best Cities To Buy Investment Property

Fannie Mae Introduces Innovative Solutions For Borrowers With Student Loan Debt

Home Remodeling Demand Drastically Increases This Spring

What Should You Do If Your Flood Insurance Lapses? Here’s What You Need To Know

This Month’s Housing Market Could See Record Sales

Home Value Gaps Continue To Widen, But Only In Some Parts Of The Country

Fed Plans To Unwind Treasury and Mortgage Positions

Real Estate Scam Alert: The Rise In Phishing This Home Buying Season

What’s The Difference Between Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

How To Read Home Blueprints and Floor Plans

What Are The Advantages Of Choosing An FHA Loan? You May Be Surprised

What Is Fannie Mae Form 1003? Here’s What You Need To Know

Home Builder Confidence Reaches Highest Level Since 2005

How The Latest Interest Rate Hike Could Impact You

Top Home Renovations That Provide The Best Return At Resale

Here’s How To Maximize Your Mortgage Tax Deductions

Inflation and the Housing Market: This Year’s Forecast

Why a 203(k) Loan Might Be Right For You

Here’s The 411 On Today’s Property Taxes

Today’s Most Common Real Estate Fears And How To Overcome Them

Buying A Home Is More Affordable Than You Might Think

When Is The Best Time To Renovate Your Home?

Don’t Confuse VantageScores With FICO Scores: Here’s Why

Which Renovation Loan Is Right For You?

How Can Trump Really Affect Dodd-Frank?

Get Mortgage Qualified – Even With Credit and Debt Problems

Don’t Let Rising Mortgage Rates Pause Your Home Buying Process

Don’t Forget To Include These Costs In Your Mortgage Calculator

FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Cuts Now Suspended

How To Save More On Closing Costs

What Happens To Your Mortgage If Disaster Strikes

FHA Rate Cuts: A Great Beginning To 2017

Here’s Where Rent Rates Rose In the U.S. In 2016

4 Inexpensive Places To Buy A Home For Retirement

What You Need To Know About Today’s Homebuyer

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