When Is The Best Time To Renovate Your Home?

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Before jumping in to a big home renovation project, most homeowners ask one very important question: When is the best time to renovate your home? Of course, a good time to begin home renovations is when you have the time and money to invest in the project. The best time may also depend on the type of renovation you’re looking into. Let’s break it down based on month:

  1. January – March: This is a great time for building new additions to your home. Although these months are a bit chillier than most, the frozen ground and dry air make digging structure foundations and pouring concrete footers a much quicker process than if done during the summer. Throughout these months, builders are also more available to dedicate their hours to building your new addition, as most people wait for spring to begin these new home add-ons.
  2. April – June: If you’re looking to build a deck or patio, April through June are the months for you. The majority of these projects require hand digging to lay the foundation to build, so the softer spring soil will certainly speed up this process. Keep in mind that this is the time when most homeowners begin their home renovation process, so make sure to get your building team early.
  3. July – September: The summer is the best time to look into indoor renovations, like kitchen or bathroom remodeling. This is also most likely the time when you’ll be booking family vacations or couple getaways, so avoid the unpleasantries of living with renovations and schedule the remodel for when you’re leaving town!
  4. October – December: With the holiday season quickly approaching, most homeowners scramble to have any renovations completed by mid-November. If you don’t mind having builders work during the holiday season, however, it could be a great time for a renovation. Business is usually slow, especially throughout December, so work and materials would likely be less expensive.

No matter which month you hope to begin your home renovation process, make sure you plan these projects well in advance. Meeting with contractors and mortgage lenders to solidify your construction and renovation loan plans certainly takes time. For more information about home renovations, or to learn how you can finance the renovation you’ve always wanted to make, contact one of our mortgage specialists today and download The Introduction to Renovation Loans.

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