The Millennial Homebuyer

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Communication is key to capturing the millennial homebuyer. Millennials are not like your buyers from before. Millennials know what they want, and they know how to get it. With a wide network, it is likely they are associated with a real estate agent somehow. A referral isn't enough for millennials. They will do their research to make sure who they are working with is someone they'd like to be associated with. This calls for agents and lenders to be on top of their marketing game and responsive. Don't let lack of communication and dragging of the home buying process let you lose out on this buyer. Capturing a millennial can up your business drastically because of their loyalty to people and products they like and trust, and their network. A millennial will refer you in a heartbeat if you make a memorable impression.


Here's a few simple ways to keep up with the modern millennial:


  1. Be easy to find. Your contact information should be included on all social media and other web platforms you're featured on. 

They WILL be Googling you. 


  1. Have an updated, professional headshot.

Use the same photo across all social media platforms. Your profile picture should give an impression that you are a professional.


  1. Be up to date on how you're communicating.

Tweet, Text, Facebook Message, FaceTime...it's all fair game and you must be ready.


  1. Time is money

A millennial isn't trying to waste one bit of it, so make the process as smooth as possible by being up to date and utilizing innovative technologies within the industry.


  1. Be an expert. 

Millennials have questions and a lot of them about the home buying process. This could range from credit score, location, down payment, and closing cost. Getting them the straight forward answers they need quickly will add value to your relationship.


For more tips on working with home buyers or the mortgage process, contact one of our experts today!

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