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As homes evolve over the years incorporating new technology and innovation into them, current and future home owners have to be sure to keep up on what's coming next. Think smart. Homes are getting faster and more environmentally friendly all over the world and consumers expect them to be in prime locations. People are willing to have a more compact living space in order to be in a prime area featuring restaurants, bars, grocery stores they can walk to instead of using their car.


Because of multigenerational living making a comeback, homes need to be more flexible. The new buyer is no longer looking for a formal dining room that never gets used, or a three car garage for themselves. They are more interested in utilizing a small space with inventive features to make the best of it. Here are a few of our favorites.

Fold Away or Suspended Beds Allowing More Walking Room. 




Hidden Storage Spaces Utilizing Every Inch of Space Within a Home



Compact Walk in Tub and Pack-able Bathroom Furnishings for Tiny Space




In Home Garden



Homes are also finally on their way to becoming more eco-friendly with inventions such as Tiny Homes. Energy will start to be supplied from renewable technology, such as solar or wind, allowing the home to sustain itself. This will use 60 to 70% less energy than a conventional home and save buyers money in the long run.



Although they have already made their way into our homes, high tech features are also going to be a necessity in the near future. Appliances such as all in one washer and dryers will be beneficial for taking up much less space and using less energy. Phones and computers will also be the power source to just about every aspect of our lives. Amazing technologies will continue to link up to your phone allowing you to lock your home from anywhere, notify you of water or gas leaks and even have your refrigerator tell you the qualities of certain foods you have left.



The future is here and it's allowing home owners to get extremely creative with what they decide to do with their home purchase. Smart home features and environmentally sustainability aren't trends that are going to disappear any time soon, so starting to do research and apply simple attributes to homes will make your home value increase significantly.

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