2019 Renovation Trends That Will Help Sell Your Home Quick

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2019 is the year of renovation! It's time to let those old trends go and upgrade appliances and fixtures within your home to increase its value and appeal to potential buyers. We have a list of a few ways to get started from subtle color experimenting to ripping out old cabinets for a completely new look. Remember, a little investing goes a long way.


Experiment with Color

color experiment

Now is not the time to be scared of adding a little color into your life.  The days of bright orange wood cabinet kitchens are out the door. Tear down those old, bulky cabinets and brighten up the space a little with a color pop cabinet and open shelves displaying your matching dinnerware set.


Matte Finishes


Matte finishes are finding their way around from product packages to light fixtures. Get rid of the high gloss look and create a more relaxing space with a matte finish on your furnishings. With its pulled back look and feel, it makes it easier to experiment with color and design.


Bucket Sinks are a Mustbucket sink

This year is about doing away with tradition and innovation, and that applies to everything, including the sink. Ripping out that old, bulky sink allows for some breathing room and personality to your bathroom.


Dark and Moody


Bring on the drama! There is nothing like a timeless white and black interior design for a home. 


Hand Crafted


As the mom and pop businesses continue to expand, so will their sales. Future homebuyers are looking for something that they haven't seen before and they can relate to. The cookie cutter phase of homes is a thing of the past. People now want to show off their unique personality through their home. As people gravitate more towards a grounding, Earthy feeling in their home, we will see a rise in materials such as rice paper and clay being used throughout the space.


Geometric Patterns

geometric patterns

Adding bold, geometric patterns to a space is no new trend. From walls to decor, adding in a few of these patterns to the room ads the drama we're looking for this year. The visual contrast of the patterns and colors are sure to provide a sense of balance and boldness to the home’s space.


Brass Accents

brass 1

2018 was the explosion of Rose Gold, but we're seeing a movement more towards a natural and Earthy look. Along with a mixture of other metals. Brass is replacing all our stainless-steel decor to help welcome in a warmer and inviting feel.




Although the concrete look has left the workforce, it's made its way into our homes. This look provides a clean and crisp feel to a room allowing for multiple options for creativity in the surrounding decor.


Agate Wallpaper

Agate Wallpaper 1

Wallpaper was out for a little, but it's back and better than ever. These abstract patterns with loud pops of color brighten up any room.



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