Benefits of Incorporating Plants in Your Home

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Plants not only create a living space that is soothing to be in, but they also enhance your mood and health. Caring for a plant gives us a purpose and can be rewarding watching it bloom and thrive. Natural mood boosters, plants also aid in loneliness and depression. Whether you live in a small apartment, or a large house, introducing plants into your home will improve your overall health and happiness.

Research by NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxin in 24 hours. Other studies have proven that indoor plants, whether at home or in the work place, not only reduce stress levels and boost your mood, but also increase our concentration and productivity by 15%. These benefits make plants perfect to keep around your house and your workspace.

Along with these health benefits, Plants are inexpensive way to jazz up even the most inspiring rooms. Plants are an easy and gorgeous way to style up your living space. Nothing more welcoming than a beautiful hanging plant at your front entrance. Placing potted plants in various corners of your home add fresh ambience of the area. Now you can fill any awkward space and turn it into a mini green paradise!


If you’re new to becoming a plant parent, here are a few good starter plants:




Succulents are perfect for first time plant owners. They are very adaptable and can survive in many different conditions, as well as the fact they don’t need a lot of care or water. To help them thrive, just place them on a windowsill where they can get the most sunlight in a bright pot with well-drained soil and minimal water.




Just like succulents, cacti need very little attention to thrive. To have your cacti at its best, a light misting every so often is perfect.



Snake Plant

This plant is the best choice for a newbie to taking care of plants. It is amazing at removing toxins from the air, rarely needs to be watered and can grow in a low light.

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