Real Estate Is The #1 Investment Choice of Consumers

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According to a recent survey, in which Americans were asked to pick their priority asset from a list of long-term investments, Americans believe that real estate is the best investment for funds they won’t need within the next 10 years. The survey results showed that real estate was regarded more favorably than cash investments (such as CDs and savings accounts), gold or precious metals and even the stock market.



In fact, according to the survey, Millennials between the ages of 26 and 35 had the same propensity as older Americans to select real estate as their preferred investment choice at a rate of 28 percent.


These results are not surprising because, unlike the other investment choices given, real estate is tangible. You can see exactly what your money is being used for and people feel more secure when they can physically touch their investments. When you invest in stocks or other intangible investments it isn’t as clear where your money is going. Even though stock prices have been steadily increasing since 2009, Americans still have a weak perception of the stock market and low confidence in intangible investments.


If you are interested in investing in the real estate market, contact one of our loan officers today!

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